The Burning Flame

The Gothic Alliance has its roots in the “Gothic Meetup of Manchester”. Founded in 2006, the original vision of the GMM was of a burning flame — a light in the darkness — a beacon by which searchers may find like-minded souls. For some, our gathering has become an extended family.

Our Gothic Heart

Gothic Couple

We have amongst our clan those who affiliate with various genres of music and avidly follow bands. Many of us are bold and glorious in our makeup and dress. But not all of us dress like this. Some of us have interest in literature, history, art, culture and film. For others, the focus is one of science and philosophy.

We are, indeed, an eclectic congregation.

It is difficult, therefore, to define just what “Gothic” is and what it is not. Yet, if there is a dark vein which runs through us all, it is this:

We are outsiders who, in our own ways, find interest and beauty in the things most people do not.

So if there is to be just one thing which defines what is in our Gothic heart, let it be this.

Gothic Film

An Age of Darkeness

Despite the shiny lights of modernity, we live in an age of a certain kind of darkeness.


Things which once held value to human beings — a sense of permanence, community and authenticity — have been cast to the four winds. We live in a time in which such things are not valued.

What is more, our Gothic personas do not make life easy for us and many of us find ourselves alone. Some of us make easy targets for those who like to abuse.

It may be true that we are outsiders to mainstream culture, but that does not mean that we ought to be alone. Never has it been more important, therefore, that our beacon not only burns on, but that its flame burns even brighter than before.

The Gathering

To this aim, we of Gothic of Manchester, have drafted The XIII Principles for a Gothic group — which we call a “Gathering”. A Goth who forms a Gathering is a “Caller” of a Gathering.

The XIII Principles

We think there should be many Gatherings around the world, not just ours. So we are calling these Gatherings as a whole: “The Gothic Alliance”.

The Gothic Alliance Raven

Written in stone and carried by fire