Journey to Goth

I. A World Apart

There is a world, apart from this one, which is trying all the time to claim us — to raise us — to nurture us.

Part I is presented by Dark Angel and premiered on 12th of April, MMXX.

II. Mezzanine

Where light and dark come together — where chaos and order meet — here is the anvil of all things. This is the soul of nature.

Part II premiered on 26th April, MMXX.

III. In the Darkeness

We are outsiders who have learned to find affirmation in the things which others do not. It is in the macabre that we celebrate life, for it reminds us that we are finite while inviting us to ponder on what lies behind our five senses.

Part III is presented by Marlin Spiker and premiered on 10th May, MMXX.

Other Films

The Gothic Alliance - New Zealand

The first Gathering formally held under the name "The Manchester Gothic Alliance" took place in The Grand Central, Manchester, Sunday 12th January, 2020. A corresponding Gathering was held on the other side of the world in Christchurch, New Zealand, on the same day.

The Gothic Alliance Raven

Written in stone and carried by fire