The XIII Principles

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Notes for Translators

The terms "Caller" and "Gathering" refer to organiser and group respectively. We preferred our terms over the more formal terms. Our first translators chose to use the English literal words in their text. We suggest that this convention is maintained.

If you like to translate the English source text into your own language, then please do send us the translation:

We will acknowledge your work. Let us know the name you would like us to use in your communication.

The Gothic Alliance Raven

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Sharing and Reuse

Materials on this page are offered as the cultural property of all Gothic peoples, as defined as those who are outsiders to mainstream culture. They are not to be used to make money.

They are made available under the legal licensing terms of: “Attribution”, “Non-commercial” and “No Derivatives” as defined by The Creative Commons License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. In other words, you are free to copy and share this work provided: you give attribution, you do not make money out it and you do not modify it.

Attribution is to be given to:

The Gothic Alliance and/or

The Gothic Alliance Raven

Written in stone and carried by fire