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Who runs The Gothic Alliance?

No one. The Gothic Alliance has no ruler. There are only The XIII Principles of The Gothic Alliance.

What are The XIII Principles?

The XIII Principles of The Gothic Alliance are a set of common principles for calling a Gathering. They are intended as a gift for all Gothic Peoples and define the very essence of a Gathering. They are not a set of rules for individuals.

How do I find my local Gathering?

Search for "The Gothic Alliance" along with your local area. If you cannot find a local Gathering, consider calling your own.

Where is The Gothic Alliance based?

The Gothic Alliance has no physical location. It is not "run" from anywhere. It is not a legal entity — it exists only in the aether. There was, however, a founding Gathering in Gothic Manchester, England.

How does The Gothic Alliance make money?

The Gothic Alliance does not make money. It can never be a money making enterprise and this website does not serve ads or sell merchendise. There is no money to be had. This is laid out in the The XIII Principles.

How can I donate?

You can't. Neither the Gothic Alliance nor any of its Gatherings shall ever accept outside donations. Again, this is laid out in The XIII Principles. If you wish to help, then please do all you can to spread the message of The Gothic Alliance to others and consider calling your own gathering.

Is The Gothic Alliance religious in any way?

No. The Gothic Alliance is not associated with any religion, nor does it preach any religious doctrine. There is, however, a sincere expression of the metaphysical ("other worldliness") in some of its texts and materials, but Goths may interpret this in whatever way they choose.

Can I create a purely online Gathering?

No. A Gathering of The Gothic Alliance must be a meeting of real Goths in the real world. While you can use the Internet to let other Goths know of your gathering, a Gathering cannot comprise merely an online presence. This is explained in The XIII Principles.

Can I associate a Gathering with my business or a political cause?

No. Neither The Gothic Alliance nor a Gathering must be linked to a commercial enterprise or political cause. This is to ensure that The Gothic Alliance does not become embroiled in concerns of money, power or the politics of the day. Examples of gathering names which would go against The XIII Principles would include: The Gathering of Goths for/against Trump, for/against Brexit, for/against patriarchy, for/against climate change etc. The list could be endless. Some causes may be noble, but it doesn't matter. No matter how divoon, all causes will one day slip into the mists of time. The Gothic Alliance must, therefore, remain outside of time in order to endure for all time.

Can I copy and share The XIII Principles?

Yes, please do so. The XIII Principles of The Gothic Alliance are the property of all Gothic Peoples. Please do respect the "copy license" associated with them. Moreover, The XIII Principles and other materials are explicitly provided in downloadable & printable form.

Who created this website?

The Gothic Alliance website was created by Marlin Spiker and Dark Angel. It serves only as a central location to host The XIII Principles and other founding materials for the posterity of all Gothic Peoples. Eventually, in decades hence, this website may be lost. It is important, therefore, that Goths preserve The XIII Principles. For website contact information, see here.

You have spelt "darkness" wrong!

We have spelt darkeness as intended.

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